Ancient Bards – A New Dawn Ending – 2014

A New Dawn EndingI know that I said it before, but to explore unknown territories is the most rewarding chore of reviewing. You get to hear and see so many things that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t search for new and “other” stuff that you already know about. I can’t remember where I heard about Ancient Bards but I figured, based on the band name and the album title – A New Dawn Ending, that this would be symphonic metal of some sort. I didn’t anticipate that they would have a female singer, a soprano though. But since it’s not unusual when it comes to these bands I’m not really surprised.

Ancient Bards is an Italian band but I couldn’t tell if I didn’t read up on it. There’s no special accent that I can detect anyway. Music is unifying in my mind and it doesn’t really matter what nationality you have or where you are geographical.

I started to listen to it during a train trip and I think it was the first of many new albums I consumed during that trip. I realized that I needed to write about my experience with it and what I thought about it. Maybe since it was a new experience for me. If it’s not to you, maybe you’ll disagree with me. That’s fine. A review is an opinion, you might have a totally different one.

I feel that Ancient Bards delivered just about what I expected, musically and lyrically. It’s symphonic metal set in a fantasy world. Sometimes it’s seasoned with some power metal. These two styles aren’t really that far apart anyway. I didn’t find it fantastic though. It was ok. Just what could be expected, nothing more. Nice to hear a few times but I don’t think A New Dawn Ending will be an album that’ll be remembered through time.

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