Y&T – Facemelter – 2010

Y & T facmelterY & T has one of those kick ass cool logos! They have also a kick ass cool cover on their album. And Facemelter is a kick ass cool title too! I can’t remember when I last listened to them but since I got the pleasure to listen to this, it was too long! Y & T, Which stands for Yesterday and Today, is one of those classic bands. Those bands that has been around since the beginning of rock n roll time began. Yet there’s never included in the greats. Facemelter is a pure album with nice guitars and good singing. It’s an album that defines hardrock I would say.

because Y & T never got caught in the trap to become heavy metal. Not on Facemelter anyway. This is pure hardrock and very pleasant to listen too. Dave Maniketti (lead guitar and lead vocals) is now the only original member of the band. But in my mind I think that he more or less IS the band. It might not always have been like that but Since a couple of the original band members passed away in recent years thing are what they are.

Dave in a good singer and a great guitarist to be sure. I’m a bit surprised that this is actually Y & T’s most recent album to date. But on the other hand. The prior album Endangered Species was released in 1997. That gives us a gap of thirteen years. We’re only counting on seven so far so I guess there’s time.

Facemelter is that could be expected if you’re familiar with Y & T. It’s kick ass rock n roll and the blues is influentially present as in most hardrock. I like it and it gives me the urge to dig in to the rest of Y & T’s catalog. I will do that I think. Yeah!

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