Attack on Titan – 2015 – Giants eating humans

Attack on TitanI saw a trailer for this and realized that I needed to see it. Well, first I actually was recommended it from a working colleague. He didn’t know the title of it though so I needed to search for it for a while. But since this is an internet enlightened age it didn’t take long until I realized that Attack on Titan was the movie. I also found out that there’s a series and that there is another movie too. A sequel or something. Perhaps they were shot back to back. I can’t really say. In either case, the story spreads over both movies so it’s not a sequel with a new storyline altogether.

In the trailer of Attack on Titan, there is this huge wall and a giant trying to breach it. It’s greatly entertaining and the giant looks cool too. In this movie, they’re called Titans though and they have been around for hundreds of years. Mankind has built a great wall to protect themselves from them This supposedly happened a hundred years ago or so. No one has seen a Titan since then and they are now just a legend. That is until this giant starts to attack the wall.

But let’s rewind the story a bit. To begin with, the pace is very low and it seems that the society is flourishing. At the same time, it’s kind of a dystopia. Everything works and they are protected inside the wall but all joy seems to be extinguished. There is nothing to do and the only adventure lies outside the wall. Luckily for the kids, things start to happen real soon. And for us as well because it soon becomes pretty boring and tedious to watch. Once the wall has been breached there is another kind of titans attacking the city. These just look like large people and not like the monster who tear down the wall.

This is where I quit trying to understand the story and merely concentrate on cool imagery. There’s a lot of blood splattering all around and all the violence looks pretty good. But that effects alone don’t make a picture good is obvious. I can’t concentrate on the movie since the plot makes no sense at all. Or perhaps it’s the opposite. That the movie makes a lot of sense but is so thought through that the underlying layers become too complex. I was expecting a cool fantasy flick to begin with but I got something else. There are way too much going on that I don’t understand.

Maybe it would be more clear if I saw the series but I don’t have the energy to watch it. I think I will settle with this. You can’t really like them all. This was ok, but nothing I would recommend the average movie watcher.

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