Anatomie 2 – 2003 – a sequel of sorts

Anatomie 2It’s no secret that sequels often not deliver the same standard as the first in a series of films. In the case of Anatomie 2, the same director as directed the first film was given the job. If I understand it correctly, Stefan Ruzowitzky, reluctantly accepted the task after writing the script.  Based on interviews featured in the extra material the producers claimed no one else could direct his ideas so he had to come back. In my mind, there’s nothing really special about this script or at least the story itself. Of course, it’s always macabre with experiments performed on human beings. Even if it’s with their consent as it is in Anatomie 2.

There’s nothing of the sadist ingredients that made Anatomy such a disturbing movie. We have the same kind of society here though. The same kind of doctors that want to do unorthodox experiments. In this case, it’s about replacing muscles with artificial ones. This means superhuman strength and skills. An interesting thought to be sure but not really terrifying.

There are three parts to the movie. First off we have the introduction. A new guy comes to this school where doctors are educated and they get a chance to do medical research. During this process, the main character is introduced to the secret society. The involved parties kinda sneak in the idea of him getting to join in. Finally, he commits to the task and becomes a member or almost a member. I’m not sure if he has to go through a prospect evaluation first. Never mind. it doesn’t really matter.

Then we have the awakening part. This is where he, with help from others, start to realize what happening and what the secret society is really about. This is a pretty quick process but everything is blended together a bit of course. There’s no start and stop for the different segments in the film. So, to call it segments is wrong as well, but you see what I mean, don’t you?

Once he has realized what’s going on and that there’s one mastermind controlling it all and using his “pawns” for his own personal gain the final part begins. The Standoff. Now itäs time for the parties, the members och the closed group and it’s opposers to collide. The conflict is escalated quick and in the end, nothing is sacred. Everyone stands willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. Except for the protagonist of course! The antagonist behind the sect is willing to sacrifice all of his minions though. That’s in the nature of things of course and no surprise at all.

I was disappointed with this. The acting is ok and there’s really nothing that can be said to be bad. It’s just boring and without the nerve that the first film had.

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