Attack on Titan Part 2 – 2015 – The story continues

Attack on titan part 2When I saw the first movie Attack on Titan I wasn’t too impressed. But since I already had both of the movies I thought it would be a shame to not watch the sequel as well. I’m not sure Attack on Titan Part 2 is a traditional sequel though. It might just be a continues story. There are however some resumé at the beginning. In my case, I didn’t need it. I didn’t wait for months for this movie. My total time of waiting was a couple of days at most.

I was expecting some answers but I think I just got even more confused. The story continues and so does my confusion. In Attack on Titan part 2, there’s no real action to rely on either. Well, there is some scenes with giants/Titans of course but the most I remember was the main character trapped inside a room with another character. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be him talking to himself, his conscience or something else. But the dialog/monolog is quite tiresome and I can’t keep up with it. It gets so boring that I lose interest very soon.

When the movie ends I’m not sure what it did for me. Was it supposed to question my morals? Or the morals of mankind? Is this a warning of what might come if we’re not careful? I don’t know. I didn’t like it and I probably won’t investigate it further. The acting is good and the effects are nice but apart from that this film gave me nothing.

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