Beatallica – A Garage Dayz Nite – 2001


When I first encountered Beatalica, I thought it was a silly joke. However, it turned out after closer investigation that there are actually some albums, and substantively, it manages to avoid becoming silly. It probably helps if you’re a fan of both the Beatles and Metallica, of course, since the whole idea of the band is to make Beatles songs as if Metallica had done them! I’ll readily admit that at first, I didn’t quite understand the point of it all, but after playing the album repeatedly, I get it! It’s funny! Perhaps imitating James Hetfield’s singing technique gets a bit tiresome in the long run, but it’s a pretty spot-on observation. It’s humorous, but it’s also good music! It’s worth taking seriously!

The songs are Beatles, but the lyrics are mixed with elements from both bands. If you’re a fan, you quickly understand what they’re referring to and how Beatallica actully put it together. As I mentioned, it took me a while to appreciate this, but it was worth it. More albums will be purchased!

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