Exumer – The Raging Tides – 2016

The Raging TidesWhen I review music I usually listen a lot to the album before I review it. Then When I have written something I tend not to listen to it at all and go on to the next project. That means that I sometimes take my time because I really don’t wanna stop listening. As in this case, Exumer is so good and I absolutely love The Raging Tides! This is Thrash Metal as it was meant to sound! The melodies are simple and the singer delivers it aggressively enough, without making it over-the-top.

I have Exumers previous album as well and when I heard it I was also blown away. This is less aggressive though. It does, however, have great guitar work and I think that the riffs are among the best I have heard in a long time. Especially in the first half of the album. The Raging Tide is an album that I don’t think I will grow tired of in a long time. But as said in the first paragraph, I tend to move on to something else once I have written about it. So this review is really written with sad heart. I envy you all to get to opportunity to hear this for the first time. It’s really that good!

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