Def Leppard – High n Dry – 1981

High n DryIt’s easy to say that Def Leppards second album High n Dry is a thousand time better than the debut album On Through the Night. It might feel that way, and it does, but it’s mathematical impossible to be true. I think that the music has matured gravely though. I like this one a lot. And as an anecdote I can tell you that I bought this in the early eighties on vinyl but I don’t think I ever listened to it.

That was a time when having most albums meant you were a winner. Total stupidity of course since only good albums or albums worthy of being in the frame of reference should be considered. But I’ve learned my lesson since then. And I finally I  listened to this album using an online service. I still have the vinyl somewhere but it’s more practical to stream music. I might not like the whole concept of where the music business is going but it is more convenient!

This is an album of pure 80’s hard rock and it’s really good! It’s the kind of music that could only have been made during this period. It’s obvious that the talent of these guys would open the world for them. It’s easy to say of course since Def Leppard has sold over 100 million albums but you can really hear it in the performances as well. High n Dry is a really great album!

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