Hezt – Där för dig – 2018

heztI recently discovered this hip-hop artist Hezt. Well, that’s his stage name anyway, let’s leave it with that. Let’s also leave that I would never have listened to him if the circumstance that I went to school with his mother back in the day. She, of course, proud of her son, shared his songs on social media and I needed to check out what it was. Actually, Hezt isn’t such a new acquaintance at all. Sh posted his song for quite some time, and I’ve always listened to them. But this was the first time I really “got it”. I realized that Hezt is for real. This is a hip-hopper with real talent.

The first songs I heard was in English but now he does Swedish lyrics. I think that is a really good move. I don’t know what it is but his lyrics get to me now. They are about real stuff in the real world and I believe in what he’s talking about. Maybe it’s kinda strange that I write this in English when all that might understand the Swedish lyrics are…Swedes… But I don’t care. You can use the translation button if necessary. This blog is in English. Bad English maybe but still English.

Anyway. This is the latest song I’ve heard from Hezt. It’s a homage to his mother. A woman I haven’s seen since I left school (too many years ago to admit). She’s in the video too. Hezt talks about how she was there for him during tough times and that he will be there for her now. That melts my heart. Of course, that is was most of us feel to our parents but it seems so extra real in the way he expresses it.

I hope that Hezt will have an album in Swedish out soon. I would buy it. If it comes in a physical format that is. I like physical formats. I want my albums on the shelf, not as files on my computer.

You can listen in the attached link below.


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