Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut – 2020

Curse of the Crystal Coconut

The last time I wrote about Alestorm I wasn’t too impressed. I thought that the concept of Pirate Metal was a little bit too forced and that it became more humorous than it needed to be. Still, I found it to have good melodies and also having quite a bot of hooks in the songs. With Curse of the Crystal Coconut, I would like to revise my opinion about the band. Not the album that I previously heard from them of course, but Curse of the Crystal Coconut is great!

Alestorm cannot be given the credit for creating Pirate Metal, I guess that honor goes to Running Wild. But in my opinion, it was Alestorm that perfected the genre. Indeed so with this new album – Curse of the Crystal Coconut. The songs are fun listening to and you can almost hum them after just listening to the album once. I think that is a strength when it comes to this kind of “happy” Metal music.

Each and every song exists in the Pirate universe and I also think it sounds like p-a-r-t-y the whole time. It’s fun to listen to and it sounds like the musicians hade fun writing and recording the songs too. I like it a lot and I could have listened to it over and over again. I would not get tired of it right away, like what’s usually happen.

The Deluxe Edition of Curse of the Coconut also contains a 16th Century version of each and every song. These versions are about as bad as the regular versions is good. I listened to them once, a mistake I won’t repeat.

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