Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Changeup – 2022


It’s definitely an interesting idea to create a “greatest hits” album and make it acoustic, just as Changeup is. I was really looking forward to it when I first heard about it. It was with great expectation I started my first listen to it. I haven’t been really into Joan Jett over the years but I have a few albums and I am a big fan of the Runaways. This should be a great album – theoretically. It isn’t though. Changeup almost totally lacks any energy. Even good songs are performed like they’re done by duty rather than dedication from the artist. Almost all of the songs chosen for this album don’t have any catchy melodies. In my mind, that is what an acoustic album should be all about. If you can’t use a huge and loud rock arrangement you certainly need something else to lure in the listener.

There are exceptions of songs that have a really good melodic hook on Changeup: You Drive me Wild, I love Playin’ with Fire, Cherry Bomb School Days. But you know what all these also have in common? They’re all from the Runaways era. There are a couple more which is not among the greatest hits Joan Jett ever put out, like Good Music and Light of Day. Do you remember that movie by the way? Light of Day, where Joan Jett Co-starred with Michael J Fox. I really liked it but I think it was received as a disaster back in the day.

Oh, and there’s no I love Rock n’ Roll nor I Hate Myself for Loving you. Strange choice to leave the biggest hits off the record don’t you think?

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