Nuclear Assault – Third World Genoside – 2005

Third World Genocide

There are basically two reasons for naming your album Third World Genoside. The first is to create a provocing effect. It could be interpereted as a “cool sounding title”. Compare it to titles like Slayers God Hates Us All and it’s kinda leaning in the same direction. Just comparing the album title that is. To compare Nuclear Assults music with that of Slayer (during any era) feels just strange.

The other reason is that the album has something to say about society, an album to make a statement. Kinda like Sacred Reichs The American Way. Again, I’m just comparing titles and not musical directions. Nuclear Assault is closer to Sacred Reich than Slayer though. I’ve seen them listed as Crossover Thrash but I think it’s pretty usual thrash metal. Even a little melodic at times. I don’t get the cross-over term at all. At least not towards Death Metal. The closest thing I can think of music-wise is that on Anthrax. It’s kinda the same groove if you know what I mean. Or a crossover version between Anthrax and Sex Pistols. Wait a minute… that IS actually a crossover genre!

It’s not boring anytime during the album. I don’t get the feeling of Nuclear Assault that they take themselves too seriously. That is really refreshing sometimes. It also kind of rules out the second reason for naming the album Third World Genocide just that. Which is a disappointment of sorts. But I still like it. I think it’s an entertaining album. Especially when there’s a country/bluegrass/Irish song comeing from nowhere… It’s so wrong it becaumes just right!

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