Kiss – Gene Simmons – 1978

Gene Simmons

When I grew up in the 70s and 80s I thought Kiss was so cool. And Coolest of all was, of course, Gene Simmons! He was my favorite by far! That was, more or less, his character, music-wise I liked Ace Frehley best. His songs were always more rock than the other members in the band. Anyway. This solo album from 1978 sounds mostly like an ordinary Kiss album, just like Paul Stanley’s solo album does. It’s not very inventive but it’s cool to hear how Gene Simmons, the bands Demon, used the falsetto quite a bit. In my world, a demon ought to ha a very masculine voice but not in this case apparently. It’s kinda fun that a version of When you Wish Upon a Star is on the album but as a whole, this is a pretty boring album.

Just like with Ace Frehley solo album, the four Kiss members did one each in 1978, I got this album when I was a kid. I got it on cassette because I thought it was cooler that way. Very odd perception of reality I must say. Nowadays I don’t think this is a great album anymore. The cover art is cool just like on the other solo albums. I think that maybe the best reason to own this album. I find the second half of the album better than the first even if it’s softer songs in the second half. Again, a bit odd when it comes from the band’s demon.

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