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Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars is a series that I have been following for the last couple of years. I don’t think I got on the train from the very beginning. As usual, when it comes to TV series my wife is the one who discovers them. Then she tells me about them if she thinks that I might like them. This is most probably the case with Pretty Little Liars too. I can’t complain because it’s been a pleasant journey! There might be some spoilers below so be advised to read on at your own risk!

From the very beginning, the story is about these four girls keeping together even after the fifth girl disappeared. There are little innocent lies here and there and the girls are undoubtedly pretty so the show’s title is kind of obvious. However, there is someone that knows every little single lie the girls ever told and who torments them with it. Someone who keeps playing games with them. Blackmailing if you like. Someone who requires them to do certain things and threatens to expose their lies if they don’t comply.

Pretty Little Liars

There is a lot of plot during the seven seasons of the series. More than I care to account for in this text. Much more! And at one time or another pretty much everyone has been a suspect for being the bad guy, the blackmailer. But once you think you know how it’s all connected you realize that you’re wrong. Actually, there aren’t that many series och movies for that matter that manage to keep the secrets so close.

We learn that the missing girl was blackmailed long before she disappeared and that she’s been hiding. I can’t really remember which season she “comes back”, but she does. That doesn’t change much though. The girls are still tormented by someone. As this is the main idea of the series it’s natural to have this continued of course. And the curiosity of the viewer is what keeps you watching. That’s how it was for me at least. Some mid-seasons were not as sharp as the best of the seasons but I think that’s the way it is with all TV shows.

However, all good things must come to an end and the seventh season is the final one for Pretty Little Liars. But don’t think that’ll make it any easier to figure out everything. You’ll have to wait for the very end of the season before you get the final clues and answers. I can’t promise it’ll blow you away but I for one couldn’t see it coming. It was a logical ending to everything and I think it was a good one. Maybe there wasn’t any need for a couple of twists at the end but as a whole I’m satisfied!

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