The Sandman – 2017 – Not just in you dreams

SandmanI really like Tobin Bell. He has a way of acting that seems totally distanced from what he’s doing. He seems so uninteresting in what he’s doing that he creates an aura of interest for his character. Sounds strange right? Well, I really like him. In The Sandman, he has a really small part though. I get the feeling that the only reason he’s in this is that he has a high celebrity status than the rest of the cast. In other words, they needed a name that the potential audience would recognize. But I feel like he’s the most interesting character in there anyway.

The Sandman revolves around this girl that can bring things out of her dreams into reality. Once upon a time, he father read her a nighttime story about this horror character – The Sandman and it got stuck to her. Now, every time she feels threatened, she can bring him out to protect her. This Sandman, however, uses lethal force…

This means that the government is after her of course and it’s not necessarily to help her. Like always, everything that can be used as a potential weapon needs to be explored. But in this case, it might be too dangerous. After all, this Sandman character isn’t the limit of her powers. She also got full-fledged telekinesis at her disposal.

Overall, this was a pretty boring movie. I don’t know why but it’s just never interesting. The makeup of this Sandman figure is pretty decent and I can’t complain about the acting. There’s some really s t u p i d thing going on in the script for I can be pretty forgiving when it comes to such things. In this case, it’s really hard to comprehend what went through the writers’ mind though.

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