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Willie Nelson – Bluegrass – 2023

I like Willie Nelson and always have. And I like bluegrass, always have. What if we combine the two elements, and make Willie Nelson perform bluegrass? Of course, the outcome would be great. What more do you really write about an album like this? Those who read about it no no doubt familiar with Willie Nelson, his special voice, and how he performs his songs. And those who like bluegrass as a genre already know...

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The Family Sowell – Time Travel – 2022

I don’t know much about the Family Sowell, or the Sowell Family. It seems to be an internet of TV phenomenon though. I like that they’re all siblings, at least that is my assumption and that they play and perform music together. But I’m not that familiar with them. I do tend to like acoustic music with banjoes in it though. And Banjo is one of the instruments this band uses along with fiddle, mandolin,...