The Moment After – 1999 – People Disapear

The Moment AfterThis is a typical example of a movie that makes us believe it’s something else based on the cover art. To me, this looks like an end of the world action flick but once it gets going it’s more about these people disappeared. It’s a mystery from start to finish and nobody knows when really happen. There are different theories to the event though. None of them are really satisfying. The Moment after is a mess in that sense.

It all takes place in a futuristic 1984 society. Big brother seems to be watching all the time and some of the main focus seems to be on a biological chip inside the citizens’ bodies. This is used for identification but also for making payments etc. The one the shows some physical money will be taken for one of the resistance.

I won’t keep this up for long since it’s a very confusing movie. But the Moment After is also about a religious awakening. I’m not sure what the goal for any of the fragmentation in the film though. To me, it seems to prelude the conflict between government officials and the “free” people. The actors a pretty bad and the music choice during the scenes gives away that this is not a well-executed film. It has its moments, sure. But apart from that, it’s pretty lame.

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