The Family Sowell – Time Travel – 2022

The Family Sowell

I don’t know much about the Family Sowell, or the Sowell Family. It seems to be an internet of TV phenomenon though. I like that they’re all siblings, at least that is my assumption and that they play and perform music together. But I’m not that familiar with them. I do tend to like acoustic music with banjoes in it though. And Banjo is one of the instruments this band uses along with fiddle, mandolin, and stand-up bass among other things. It sounds really nice. It sure has a bluegrass feel to it and there’s a lot of energy to be gained from listening to these songs. Om the album Time Travel, there are older songs. It spans from old to older I think. I don’t know all of them but there are songs like Jailhouse Rock, Rhinestone Cowboy, and Achy Breaky Heart. There’s even some Beatles on it. I think they all do a good job, but there’s something missing to give it that extra push into pure excellence.

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