Willie Nelson – Bluegrass – 2023


I like Willie Nelson and always have. And I like bluegrass, always have. What if we combine the two elements, and make Willie Nelson perform bluegrass? Of course, the outcome would be great. What more do you really write about an album like this? Those who read about it no no doubt familiar with Willie Nelson, his special voice, and how he performs his songs. And those who like bluegrass as a genre already know more about it than I’ll ever do. Don’t forget, I’m a metalhead at heart but still like a lot of other stuff and I listen to everything. Not in the literal sense of the word maybe, that would be total chaos. Especially if I were to listen to everything at once…

But jokes aside. This is a really good album for me. It’s not the most energetic bluegrass all the way through. I think there are other artists with higher tempos and emphasis on the “happiness” I associate with bluegrass. But it’s well done and you can’t really go wrong with Willie Nelson. I think there’s a law against that 🙂

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