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The Hyperions – 2022 – Very different superheroes

  The Hyperions is more or less what it claims to be, a funny superhero story where the actual heroes are very different. There is also a more serious side of the story but more on that later. The Superheroes in The Hyperions are not really born with any powers. It’s more like they were chosen by this brilliant scientist – Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum (Cary Elwes). He has invented a device that can give humans...

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Andre the Giant – 2018 – A Legendary Man

I am not a huge fan of wrestling but I have heard the name of Andre the Giant before. I knew that he was a legendary wrestler and that he lived a life that few of us dream of. In this documentary, the story about this larger-than-life character is displayed to us. It’s a really interesting story and it starts right from the beginning of his life rather than at the beginning of his wrestler...