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Strictly A One-Eyed Jack 0

John Mellencamp – Strictly A One-Eyed Jack – 2022

John Mellencamp’s album Strictly a One-Eyed Jack is a prime example of when you really should try now more time before throwing your gavel down and rule a sentence or a rating. At first, I didn’t like it at all. I couldn’t understand what he was doing. It sounded just terrible in my ears. Not production-wise at all, just lame and without feeling. I was worried that John Mellencamp finally and totally lost it and...

sad clowns and hillbillies 0

John Mellencamp – Sad Clowns and Hillbillies – 2017

I started to listen to John Mellencamp when the Lonesome Jubilee came out. When was that? 1987? During that time he was still calling himself John Cougar Mellencamp. There’s actually a rather long story about his name. From the early days, it was just John Cougar and as far as I know that was due to record company demands. But nowadays – on Sad Clowns and Hillbillies, he uses his real name and has done...

Other People's Stuff 0

John Mellencamp – Other People’s Stuff – 2018

Once again I haven’t paid attention to what Mr Mellencamp has been up to. I discovered Other People’s Stuff more or less by accident. As the title insinuates, this is songs written by someone else than John Mellencamp himself. Some are from tribute albums and some are from John Mellencamps previous albums. Here we can find somewhat different version of songs. It’s not like it’s a masterpiece but it’s nice listening. I like it and...