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Sinbad of the seven seas 0

Sinbad of the Seven Seas – 1989 – Lou Ferrigno

I love Fantasy and Adventure movies and I think I have seen my fair share och Sinbad over the years. This one – Sinbad of the Seven Seas was a new acquaintance. I don’t really care if it looks cheap or cheezy, that’s all part of the fun. But this movie…I can’t really understand what they were thinking. First of all, there’s an introduction where Edgar Allen Poe is mentioned. He’s described as this horror...

Kingdom of Gladiators 0

Kingdom of Gladiators – 2011 – Sword and Sandal

Luckily I have kind of a fetish for movies set in the ancient world with sword and sandals. Or a dream world for that matter, or a parallel universe. It really doesn’t matter. I like the barbarian culture and if there’s demons and wizards so much the better. There might even be ancient legends of doom or world destruction. All the better! Kingdom of Gladiators has a few of these elements. I don’t think there...