Dean Brody – Beautiful Freakshow – 2016

dead brody beautiful freakshowEven if I sound like a total metal-head from time to time I’m really not. I seek great music in every genre and country is great relaxing music in my mind. How I find these artists beats me since I don’t have any knowledge of the county scene at all. Of course, once I found something I can google and read up about the artist and record. Dean Brody and Beautiful Freakshow isn’t an exception to that rule.

Apparently Dean Brody is a Canadian and Beautiful Freakshow is his sixth album. When I first heard it I thought it sounded way to modern for my taste. In the opening track there’s a vocal filter of som sort. I generally dislike those kind of things. But there was something about it and I couldn’t let go. Besides, it was only the first track that hade this and the rest are “clean”. I started to like Dean Brody’s voice and it didn’t take long before I listened to Beautiful Freakshow over and over again.

Most of the songs are written by the artist himself. sometimes they’re co-written with someone else and I believe there is one cover on the album – Another Saturday Night by Sam Cooke. I don’t really listen to lyrics in music like this. At least not in-depth. I mean of course I hear it but I seldom analyse it for any underlying message. I think most of them are love songs in some form. There are some lines that get stuck to me though. Not for its content but for the flow of the words. There are nice melodies accompanied by some nice words so to speak.

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