Creepozoids – 1987 – The cheesiest flick out there?

CreepozoidsIf you think the artwork on the cover looks cheesy, think again! The film itself is far cheesier than the cover art give it credit for. But that’s the whole point of Creepozoids. You can just taste the title. So fantastic! and the monster are rubber fetishism extreme! I kind of love these premiss. Because if this was made to look good and the acting was Oscars material it wouldn’t be half as amazing. Then it would be a film among all the others. Plus that it would have costed several millions more that it looks right now.

The story is set in the future. Most Sci-Fi are. Mankind has almost extinguished themselves and so on. Which of course means that this is a post apocalyptic film is some sense. There are a few survivors who find themselves in an underground lab which has been abandoned. At first them can’t figure out why such a place were abandoned since it seems like the perfect hiding place. There is food and shelter from the nuclear downfall. Who actually built it is another question. They don’t know. Som of them don’t care but non of them really knows anything.

Anyway. It doesn’t take long until one of them is having a seizure. Reason unknown of course. But they soon figure out that the lab isn’t a good place to be in. There are creatures there that kill them one at a time. What these creatures are is hard to say. Some of the time it seen like over grown rats and sometimes it’s more like a beetle. There are both of course and when the horrible truth becomes known to them they try to leave. That’s about it.

The creatures in Creepozoids are not computer animated by any means. They are not even mechanic most of the time. You can clearly see how the actors toss and turn with the rubber dolls. Sometimes it’s obvious that it is a suit with an actor underneath. It’s great fun and you cannot take anything of it serious. If it’s really meant to be a serious sci-fi/horror flick it’s a complete failure of course. I think that was actually the goal. But I don’t care. Films like this aren’t made anymore and I find it very entertaining.

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