Jigsaw – 2017 – Final(?) episod of the serial killer saga?

JigsawWhat is this? The seventh or eighth installment of this franchise? Never mind that, there’s no shame in a load of sequels and it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s a difference quality-wise. Sure, most of the time a film series loses quality the larger the number of sequels gets. This might even be true for the Saw franchise. I really can’t remember any of the previous parts in general. I remember the overall concept but not specific events if they’re not really central to the plot. That’s essentially what you need to comprehend and understand the story of Jigsaw.

I can understand that you might have some difficulty grasping some of the answers this film gives you. I’m not sure I follow 100% of it, to be frank. I get the main lines, that’s not a problem. But when you see it you’ll realize that everything isn’t as it first seems. There are layers of secrets that you may or may not realize the first time you see Jigsaw. I won’t bore you with any plot details. I will simply state that this is one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time, I was actually concentrating on it and not always anticipating what would happen next. It gave me suspense and I really like not being fed every part of the plot abundantly clear. As an audience, you should be able to think a bit for yourself too.

So, that’s a big part what I like about Jigsaw. The other part, that is a major part of any of the Saw films, is the use of traps. The more horrible the better. I like feeling that feeling of my guts turning inside out of the tension. You could argue that it would be virtually impossible to stage any of the scenes in real life. And I agree. Most of what’s going on in these “games” would be impossible, or at least nearly impossible to stage within a reasonable amount of time. But nevertheless, it works in the universe the film is set in. And that brings us good entertainment value!

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