Ghost Warrior – 1984 – A frozen Samurai

Ghost WarriorI must admit that I never heard about this movie before. It was more or less a bonus when I ordered som other stuff. It seemed nice and I figured, what the heck?! So I got Ghost Warrior and started watching it. The beginning is set in feudal Japan and I was hoping for it to stay there. It didn’t though and I guess that’s the whole point of the movie. In a fight this samurai falls into freezing water and is pretty much frozen on the spot. Decades later he is discovered and thawed. As experiment scientists try to bring him back to life they soon discover that he knows nothing of the present world. He is still in the same thought as when he was frozen.

For me, these unknowns when it comes people waking up in a different time than their own is quite entertaining. Some of the situations are quite hilarious. In Ghost Warrior we can add the cultural differences between a samurai in feudal Japan and present USA of course. It’s like night and day, more or less total opposites to each other. Against all odds this ancient japanese warrior become friends with a black man and one of the scientists assigned to the task of bringing him back to life. It’s not much of a plot really. It’s more the situations that they find themselves into that are funny. When some thugs attacks they don’t expect a fearless samurai with a razor-sharp sword to attach them back.

I don’t think there’s much more I can say to described the essence of this movie. You’ll have to se it for yourself. I was a bit disappointed over the comedy, I wanted a more straight forward samurai/ninja flick really. But that’s the way it goes. You can’t win them all and you need to realize that this is an unusual movie after all.

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