Witchtrap – 1989 – The lost film of Kevin Tenney

It was some months ago that Kevin Tenney himself revealed on Facebook that hit 1989 movie Witchtrap were to be released. As I remember it from my youth as one of the favorite occult movies it was like music to my ears. It turned out that it wasn’t just any release either. It was an upcoming bluray release that I didn’t want to miss. In fact I was ready to pay quite a lot for this edition. As things turned out I didn’t have to pay a fortune but to import it to europe from USA proved to be a must.

I started out by watching some of the extras included on this Blu-ray/DVD edition. There was an interview with the man himself (Kevin Tenney) explaining details about how the flick came to be. Very interesting interview indeed! There are other interviews as well but I haven’t gotten around to those yet. I decided to watch the movie itself instead.

Witchtrap is still a really cool movie in my book. Maybe it’s not as flawless as I remembered it to be. But it’s not unusual to let nostalgic perspective dictate you feelings. That is to say that sometimes nostalgia can make or break an experience. The movie itself doesn’t change of course but if you basis is pure nostalgia you might realize that the film doesn’t live up to you expectations. I’ve learned that it’s a very dangerous way to watch old favorite movies. The disappointment can me really deep.

To speak the truth, the acting here isn’t very good. If that’s purely because of the acting it self och because of the voice dub is another question. Because not a single sound in this movie are true. Everything, from the actors lines to walking in the stairs sounds are added to the silent movie. I don’t really care about that since I’ve seen my fair share of italian horror flicks from the 70’s. Those never have an original soundtrack. They’re dubbed in whatever language needed for the audience. This is in English of course but you can tell that there’s not that much energy put in to delivering the lines as to the suspense feel. If that’s a good or bad thing is up to you to decide.

The plot is pretty basic and you can sort of understand that Kevin Tenney did Witchboard before this. It’s an occult movie with similar occult themes. It’s a story about good and evil and their eternal struggle against each other. The story tales place in this mansion where a ghost supposedly resides. The ghost of the former owner that is. A man not only of incredible wealth but also a man who was a great warlock. To this house comes a team to investigate. You don’t have to be Einstein to understand that the threat is real and that occultism really occur in this house. The former owner is indeed an evil spirit. That is the formula. Then we have the way people die, that’s an entirely different matter.

I still think Witchtrap is a cool movie. The effects are pretty nice and I like the story a lot. I’m glad I finally god the chance to see it in HD and I’m glad that I went through the trouble of getting it. On the top of everything this is actually this first uncut edition of the film. The five cuts that were made during the original release are restored. There’s some blood, som shooting and Linnea Quigleys tits. Well, I don’t know if they were cut in the original release but they are on display here that’s for sure.

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