Dr Alien – 1989 – Tongue-in-cheek…

Dr AlienPossibly the silliest movie I’ve ever seen. But kind of cool in a strange way. Judy Landers is sort of a sexy teacher who turns out to be an alien. She and her colleague performs some experiment on one of the student. This transforms him from a nerd to a really hut hunk that all the girls want.

Most of this flick is an excuse for exhibit boobs. I don’t mind it at all but it seems a little shallow to base a whole movie on that. You see, during the experiment something grows on his head. I don’t know exactly what it is or what to call it but som kind of appendix. And.. And.. I drives the women crazy! They get stupid horny, flash their tits and must have sex with him. That’s about it.

Of course you could se this as any other college comedy. Compare it to Can’t buy me love and you have basically the same story. That is to say that we have a loser that is not really the schools most popular guy who is transformed to something else. Something that everybody want to have close to them, a popular guy.

But of course, there are aliens in this one. Dr Alien! Duh! This is entertaining in its stupidity and with lots of tits but a good movie? nah…

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