The Fifth Wave – 2016 – Alien Invasion

fifth waveWhen I got hold of this I thought it was some kind of juvenile adventure movie. Possible with a fantasy twist. The Fifth Wave isn’t exactly that. There may be youngsters in the main parts and the story is seen from their perspective. It may even be targeted for a younger audience, but there’s nothing fantasy about it. The Fifth Wave is a Sci-Fi Thriller as I see it. The main plot is about these alien ships that orbit the earth and about the measures these aliens take to get rid of humanity. This is done in waves, as the film describes it.

First of all, electricity is taken out. That’s the first way. Then there are massive floods around the globe. After that, it’s some kind of decease and som on. Everything is designed to exterminate the human race. Of course, there are less and lesser survivors after each attack and this movie focuses on, you’ve guessed it, the fifth wave. I won’t go into details what it’s all about. You’ll have to see that for yourselves. But I can tell you that the end twist, which I suppose should come as a surprise, was obvious at the very conception of the wave.

I like movies with a few survivors after a disaster. I like the way they need to work together to survive. Of course, there’s often a few fractions that cannot stand each other och someone who wants all food or fuel for themselves. You can see a ton of examples for that. This is more about savior though. You see, the main characters little brother is taken away and his big sister promised to look after him. She intends to keep that promise even if it means overthrowing the whole alien species that are about to take over the earth. Not very realistic maybe, but the dramaturgy works.

I think The fifth was is an ok movie. I was entertained, but if I’m gonna see it again? Well, not soon anyway.

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