Escape Room – 2019

Escape Room

There has been quite a few movies with reality show theme to them, some with “big brother” monitors everything and even a few Escape Room flicks before. Some of them have a supernatural feel to them, some deals with zombies and some deals with human sadism. This Escape Room dealt with the latter, Human sadism and betting on the last survivor and stuff like that. So, you can say that Escape Room is both Hostel, Saw, Cube and My Little Eye at the same time. It outdoes most of them in excellence though. Escape Room is actually pretty terrifying and well made. There are some great (lethal) traps and a good cast.

Of course, you may think you’ll know the characters and find them wooden but I would disagree. They only seem wooden until you see what’s under the surface. Furthermore, there’s definitely humor in this movie as well. It’s not all horrifying but the humor is very well incorporated with the story and the characters that you might not even notice it at first. If you’ve seen a lot of movies you might appreciate some of the references. If not? Well. you might not even be aware of the cliches in there.

I like this movie a lot. It was a long time since I saw something this exciting. There is mystery, excitement, death and human sadism in there. I also think that an Escape Room 2 will be inevitable. I’m looking forward to it but I doubt it would be as good as this one. Escape Room is highly recommended!

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