Worry Dolls – 2016 – Worry to Death

Worry DollsI got this more or less based on the cover art. It looked appealing in some way. I was also recommended it from the site where I bought it. Based on what I purchased before of course. I don’t know what I expected from it really. Of course my hopes where high som something really gruesome since it has 18-year-old recommendation on it. unfortunately is was more of a thriller than a horror fick. I was hoping for something that could shake my foundations. Of course a thriller can do that if it’s well made and have a subject that is really terrifying. This is something that Worry Dolls could have had, but basically didn’t.

The basis of the plot is about a serial killer. He get’s caught and killed early in the movie and that’s not even a spoiler. Worry Dolls isn’t about him. But in his possession there are a few so-called worry dolls. For some reason that is beyond me these are taken from the evidence material and scattered to a few people around town. Soon we learn that these few people get violent seizures. They change and becomes zombie like. An the kill violently!

There are som nice scenes where the blood is splashed over the actors but it’s too loosely put together. I get the feeling of scenes rather than a continuous movie. We learn that the roots of this evil is the Worry Dolls (as if we didn’t figure that out long before). They must be returned and destroyed if things should end well. Some mysterious old woman seems to know all the secrets and volunteers to do the dirty work. That’s about it.

Not badly acted at all. The plot hasn’t much to show for though. To be frank it’s quite boring.

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