Escape Room – 2017 – Can you get away?

Escape Room

Escape Room look gruesome, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I though anyway. You can also add the fact that it seems very interesing plot-wise. Think of it. You have som people in a game room where the objective is to esccape for a game. Suddenly it’s not a game anymore and the people in there are subjected to real terror when a killer is let in there with them.

In my mind, I was thinking about a really sadistic room where the intent was to hurt the participants. That is not really the case though. Escape Room centres around some mystic occultism. In other words, some kind of demon is summoned and no one can stop it even if they wanted to.

I thought it was rather stale and didn’t bring as much to the table as I wanted to. There’s some terror and there is som death but I wanted more torture to be frank. So, kinda disappointing but with great premises. I’, looking forward to a plethora of movies with this theme. I think there will certainly be a market for them.

By the way, don’t expect too much from the cover art to actually be in the movie. I can see several ingredients there thar appeals to me but wasn’t anywhere near the movie.

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