Ninja Terminator – 1985 – A more serious approach

Ninja Terminator

I have watched a lot of Ninja films lately. They’re often great fun even if they’re badly choreographed and dubbed even worse. That reflects on the grades of course and I haven’t been kind in my judgment. I’m actually very cheap when it comes to grades so that figures. Ninja Terminator is another Ninja flick that I saw the other day. It’s much more serious than a lot of the others but not without humor. I couldn’t help myself from laughing when this stone-cold ninja character answer the phone for instance. With a GARFIELD phone! I guess those phones were popular back in the eighties.

As well as another movie I wrote about a while back – Golden Ninja Warrior, Ninja Terminator is about that same figurine. A figurine of a golden ninja warrior that brings superpowers to the one in possession of it. There is even a red ninja here! What’s this about red ninjas? This is the third ninja flick I see in a short while featuring a red ninja. Maybe there’s something mythical about them? I don’t know.

In this there’s also a Ninja syndicate and a couple of ninjas that break free from them, stealing the golden ninja warrior. Time skips a couple of years and we find out that these ninjas are attacked. supposedly from the very same syndicate.

The choreography is ok at times and sometimes it’s ridiculous. I can’t understand why cart-wheeling is such a popular means of transportation? Why can’t they just walk or run? Ok, it looks kind of cooler than walking but it seems pretty unpractical. I like this more than the others I’ve seen lately. probably because it’s more serious and not so frivolous. Of course, it cannot be compared to the really good flicks in the genre with Sho Kosugi, the king of the ninjas, but this is pretty entertaining!

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