Horisont – About Time – 2017 – Swedish Hardrock!

If it were 1982…

Horisont about timeIf I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that this new album by Horisont – About Time was released in 1982 or something. I don’t know if Horisont were looking for this sound. If they did, they did a good job! For me it sounds way too dated in the retrospective sense. I don’t like music that claims to be new to sound like it’s coming from the dark ages. It’s boring to listen to. And I can’t really figure out why they included a track in Swedish on the album. It seems to be unusual. I remember an early album with the Norwegian band TNT which I had on cassette tape in my youth. It was basically the same thing with that. One or two of the songs where in Norwegian. But that was a debut album I believe and this is Horisonts fifth album if I’m not mistaken. Strange!


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