Raw – 2016 – Vegan goes cannibal

RawI actually never heard about this before when I ordered it a few days ago. I saw it on some list where extreme movies were listed and felt like I needed it. It was fairly cheap as it’s not a general Hollywood kind of movie. Not that it matters where it’s made but I’ve found that movies outside Hollywood and especially from Europe often are superior. AS I said, I didn’t know much about Raw but since I heard some good about it I needed to see it!

It starts off gently enough. We get to follow a young woman and her parents. They are all vegans and don’t eat any meat. The pace is kinda slow to really emphasize on the vegan life I think. That’s my interpretation of course. Not that I have anything against people who choose not to eat meat for whatever reason. As long as I’m not forced to follow their example I’m at peace with anything. It seems to me that there is a greater percentage vegan than meat eaters that just can’t accept other opinions though. That makes me kind of mad. But since Raw isn’t a movie that takes this into consideration at all, at least not in the obvious plot, I will not pay any more attention to it.

This girl/woman is a master student and starts at a vet university. This means that the older student gets to mock the new ones for the entire first week. I guess there’s that kind of initiation rite at many schools all over the place. I do, however, find this going to a little extreme. But since I’ve never been a student, who am I to judge. I really don’t know.

Anyway. During this initiation week, this young woman get a taste for meat! Real Meat, blood and just about anything that’s certainly not vegan. Her sister is there as well and behaves in the same manner. Things escalate. Soon there’s no boundary too great. Everything can be overcome for the lust of fresh meat! What stats of slow-paced and laidback is now something completely different. There’s 24/7 party, drinking, sex, Brazilian wax and eating meat like there’s no tomorrow.

The acting is really good and subtle. Small facial expressions can make the difference between innocence and almost demonic possession. I guess you could see Raw as a story of sexual awareness of as a coming-of-age drama with a twist. In any case, it’s a very strong and “special” movie that should be watched at your own risk!

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