Kiss – Peter Criss – 1978

Peter Criss

Peter Criss’s solo album differs from the other member quite a bit. It doesn’t sound like Kiss whatsoever. I really like that. It’s the opposite of Paul Stanley’s effort that was just another Kiss album. This is special, this is an opportunity well taken care of. This is a rock album with something totally different than what you’d expect. There are both piano and string arrangements there. Something completely different than just bass, guitar, and drums. Plus that Peter Criss really sings like a God. I donät think it’s strange at all that Peter Criss later quit Kiss if this was the kind of music he really wanted to do. It must have been really frustrating to be dominated by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Peter Criss’s influences over the earlier Kiss albums must have been minimal.

The melodies on this one are really good! You like them immediately, no need for things to sink in before you can sing along. A somewhat exaggerated expression of course. But not far from it. There’s so much presence and I can feel that the music really means something to Peter Criss. You might think of him as a drummer but as I said earlier, he is a really great singer. He’s got lots of blues in his voice and every single note seems to be personal!

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