Kiss – Ace Frehley – 1978

Ace Frehley

Back in the day when I grew up I always liked Ace Frehley’s way of writing music more than the other Kiss members. It was more straight and to the point in some way. I still hold songs like Cold Gin and Hard Times from the Dynasty album among the best that ever can from the band. All the songs on this solo album sound just like you’d expect. I guess I could have an opinion about that. Especially since I made a point out of it on the Paul Stanly Solo album. But this is different. It’s much better musically, my personal opinion of course. It’s simple melodies and great guitar riffs!

There might not be as large arrangements as on Peter Criss Solo album but I find it better than Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s solo albums. It’s somewhat better in the first half but not much. It’s a pretty even experience throughout. Maybe there’s one song that’s not up the other songs standard but nothing to complain about. This album still survives the judgment through history.

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