Amy MacDonald – Under Stars – 2017

I Believe I own Amy Macdonald’s first two albums. They are very nice listening experiences. I like her voice a lot. It sounds like she’s singing somewhere in the back of her through and it gives a certain sound. I suppose Amy’s music qualify as country pop but to be honest I don’t hear much country music in there. The exception is in her voice. It’s hard to explain but there’s something country there. Apart from that I would classify this as pop. But on the other hand, Amy is not an American and only Americans sing country music (yeah right?!).

It took me a few sessions of listening to this before I got in to it. I still claim that this isn’t her best work and that the earlier records are hard to beat musically. But one the other hand it would be extremely boring to experience the same album over and over again, so that’s not an alternative. And once you get into this album you have kind of a treat. It’s kind of short and about 38 minutes. Now days I’m used to album with 60 minutes plus playing time. But I guess this might differ depending on musical genre. Maybe it’s more common on harder metal and progressive music.

But I’ll actually choose shorter albums most of the time since there’s almost always songs on the long albums that’s not up to standard. So if they’re not part of a great concept it’s kind of nice to not having them around.

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