Maze Runner – 2018 – The Death Cure

death cureI’m not sure if you even need to have seen the two previous parts of this story before you see The Death Cure. About the only thing that comes from the other movies is the characters, but sure… they have some relationships to each other that is nice to know about. I must confess that I didn’t have many memories left from the second film though. That must mean that I didn’t like it very much. I liked the first film though. Back then it was still mysterious and exciting to see what the explanation was. The Death Cure has nothing of that.

There is a lot of action though. And it looks nice, I must admit to that. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s just nothing we never saw before. Big effects of course and some drama between the characters too but kinda flat when it comes to an interesting story. It’s very linear and there are not many surprises either. I hate to say it, but the word boring comes to mind. How a film that is full of exploding action can be boring is a good question. I don’t have any good answers other than the story doesn’t hold up.

It’s way too long too. There could have been massive cuts done without affecting the story. I was actually really annoyed when the thing never ended. There was just something else that kept happening all the time. There was a natural way to end it and then there was a twist and something happened. Then it was time again, but it didn’t end that time either. I don’t know how many times they extended it this way but it felt like an eternity. Just prolonging the film over and over again. I think that is actually why my rating of The Death Cure is so low. It should have been higher if the pacing and storytelling were done right.

It seems to me that the story ends with this one though. There’s no way of telling of course but I think this was the last one in the series. It will only be revived if it generates huge amounts of money. That’s what I think anyway.

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