Till Death Do We Rot – 2018 – A zombie love story

Till Death Do We RotTill Death Do We Rot is a short film by Emir Skalonja. As a short film, it’s always hard to bring out a complex story. There’s merely not the time to tell anything too advanced. I usually look for things that can trigger my feeling in this kind of movies rather than groundbreaking stories. In this case, there is a cool atmosphere and the shots are very beautiful, at least to begin with. Till Death Do We Rot, as I first mistakenly read as Till Death Do Us Part, have beautiful colors and I really like the way the red is emphasized against the more monochrome base of the palette. There’s some pretty annoying music though. It’s too loud and annoying when I suppose it’s designed to be soothing.

It’s not certain where the story will take us but we are introduced to this couple who are about to eat. She explains even the simplest thing to him and you can see that he has a huge problem holding the fork. You’ll also notice that he is missing chunks of flesh on his face. It’s a pretty good make-up job by the way. As far as zombies are concerned he doesn’t seem to be fully turned yet. He can still hold himself from attacking her and eat her flesh. She needs to slap his fingers a few time to get him to hold his fingers (and teeth) to himself.

I think the absurdity of it all is quite funny. Here we have a woman that time and time again explains to this man – a zombie, how much he loves him. But that’s not it. She also seems pretty horny so she wanna give him a blow job. But… well… things don’t go the way she planned it. So, instead, she plans to shoot him. I think you’ll have to see for yourselves because I don’t want to give it all away.

But there are some sure laughs in there. And by the end, you’ll know what was actually inevitable all along. The ending of Till Death Do We Rot treats you to gore and splatter as the metamorphosis is completed.

Bon Apetit!

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