The Ninja Squad – 1986 Ninjas to the death!

The NInja SquadIt didn’t come as a surprise that The Ninja Squad was one hell of a cheap movie! To be honest, all movies from Hollywood DVD are cheap films. There are very entertaining though. If you like trash cinema you should stick to this company. I’m a bit confused. Not by the movie but by my own preferences. I like trash movies and I adore turkeys but at the same time, I seldom rate them very high. It will be the same with this one. It’s very entertaining as long as it comes to stupid plots and very imaginative costumes. I mean, the whole purpose of a Ninja is to be invisible. Why do they dress up in colorful clothes so that no one can miss their presence? Why do they have headbands that say “ninja” or “Nin Ja”? We know what you are!

You could of course argue that these aren’t ninjas at all. And I guess they’re not. These are characters that fight each other in deadly matches. In my mind, a ninja is an assassin and not a martial artist. But on the other hand, it’s very visual. Once “Ivan the Red” comes into the plot the characters all have different colors. There’s a yellow, a white and… well some other colors. And Ivan the Red Challenges Gordon the Ninja Master to prove that he’s the best. Gordon refuses and that makes Ivan the Red go out and kill other ninjas until Gordon agrees to fight him. Ivan needs to be the best.

On top of this, we also ha a cop story. They’re actually connected but still live their own separate lives. There are some clues at the beginning of the Ninja Squad and then it’s put back together in the end but it’s very loose. Oh… and of course the film is dubbed.

I like the colorful costumes and the fighting scenes between the characters. It’s not particularly realistic and the choreography is quite bad to say the truth. But you’ll have to see this for what it is and then it comes into a different light. Ok, I have seen more entertaining trash movies than this. But I’ve also seen totally unentertaining baaaad too. The rating will not be high but don’t let that stop you.

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