Ninja Dragon – 1986 – Not so much Ninja..

Ninja DragonNinja Dragon seems to be the left overs from some other ninja flick done in the same era. Richard Harrisson looks exactly the way he did in Ninja Terminator and there’s not much plot in this one. Actually there’s not much “ninja” either. There is a few scenes where they fight each other but for the most part this is more like a regular crime thriller.

It’s dubbed of course but I don’t care about that. I watch these movies for the fight och ninja scenes. Sometimes they’re really good but not in Ninja Dragon. It’s actually ridiculous. There’s some cart-wheeling and some ninja stars but not much actual fighting. And the plot, oh the plot, seems like an excuse for making a film with some fight scenes in it.

I don’t like it. I don’t even find it funny in anyway, it’s just bad and tiresome to watch. This can’t be recommended even to the most die hard fans of ninja flicks. But I guess there is someone out there who actually like it. There usually are. I for one will let this one stay in my collection but as long as I remember what it is, it’ll just stay in the shelf gathering dust…

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