Divergent – 2014 – A Dystopian Tale

divergentIn a future society the world doesn’t work quite the same way as we know it. There are five fractions of people and you must belong to one of them. Everyone does indeed belong to them too. Well, almost everyone. Once in a blue moon someone get past the tests without being selected to one of the groups – officially that is. These people are known as divergents and they don’t fit anywhere or… everywhere. They are a threat to they society and are refered to as Divergent.

It’s fun to see the beginning of the story, because this is a three-piece story. Divergent is the first part and it’s also the best of the movies I would say. I think it has something to do with that some things aren’t explored yet. Neither for the characters nor the audience. Once we get too familiar with the story the less attractive to the intellect I think It’s nicely acted and the action is good. I like the characters and the feel of the movie is dystopic. It’s clear that the type of society Divergent reflects won’t work in the long run. That’s obvious from the beginning, and at the end, when all the sci-fi is present we get to see what really happens.

There is a great ending on this one. We realize that we will get another movie to tell the rest of the story. If I saw this when it came out I would keep the suspension up until the next movie was released. But in my case I could just put in the next disc the day after. Sometimes it’s good to wait before watching the first film in a series.


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