Shark Bait aka Jetski – 2022

Shark bait

Shark Bait is one of the new Shark Movies out there. You know that there’s been lots and lots of bad shark movies in recent years and when the Sharknado franchise is actually one of the better ones you know the genre is in trouble. That is if shark movies really are a subgenre all of its own. It might just be so because there is one title sillier than the next and when you think that it can’t get any more stupid another one comes along. There are Ghost Sharks, Zombie Sharks, Sharks with multiple heads, and sharks that swim in the snow or in the sand. There are just so many shark movies out there these days. Most of them are really silly. But then there are some that are really quite serious, Jaws, of course, Deep Blue Sea, and this one – Shark Bait!

Shark Collection

Of course, there are loads of other shark titles out there or I wouldn’t even begin to think in the subgenre terminology. If you don’t believe me you can check out these videos I posted on youtube a while back. They showcase some of the movies I personally have in my collection and let me tell you, I miss a lot of titles in that collection.

Shark Bait is a serious movie though. It’s not made to make fun of the genre like many of the recent shark movies. And you must give it something for that. There’s genuine terror displayed in the movie and even if the characters are stupid and sometimes really annoying you really won’t want them to perish in the shark’s mouth. It’s kinda like watching a Friday the 13th movie and not wishing that Jason kills everybody. Does that make sense?


We have this juvenile gang stealing a couple of Jetskis, just going for a quick ride. But they act like real assholes and eventually they are stranded in the middle of the ocean. There’s no cell phone service (of course) and they’re starting to drift even further out to the open water. No real surprises there. You kinda expect those things to happen. It wouldn’t be an entertaining movie otherwise and if things had worked out it wouldn’t really be a thriller or horror movie, would it?

Suddenly, when all hope is about to disappear the situation gets even worse. They see shark fins on the surface. I know that I would be totally terrified. Because even if spiders really are my greatest fear in the animal kingdom, I certainly wouldn’t want to meet a great white shark when I am stranded on the open sea. I think nobody would. There’s panicking amount the youngsters of course, but there’s also character development. I wouldn’t want to give away too much but an infidelity drama is the last thing I would want to handle when I’m terrified about becoming Shark Bait!

Nice Makeup

I think the acting is pretty ok. There are very realistic scaring too. You almost think that this shark really has attacked and taken a bite out of the human body. Really nice makeup effects! The shark itself is not always so good though. You could argue that the shark looked fake even in Jaws back in 1975 and that might be true. But it was still one hell of an effective movie and the acting in that was so great. And I think that makes Shark Bait worthwhile too. The acting is solid and there are a few scenes that really threw me off guard.

I did figure out exactly in which order people are gonna get killed though. So there’s a spoiler for you. People actually die while being lost in the open water and attacked by sharks. That is really more realistic than survival if you ask me.

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