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Final Destination 2 – 2003 – Ali Larter returns

It’s unusual, but I actually things that the sequel Final Destination 2 is slightly better than the original. The death scenes are more imaginative. Not much but a little. I also like that a cast member of the first movies is included again. In this films universe she has been around once before and have some of the answers. The concept is the same as in the first movie. Here we have a massive accident...

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Final Destination – 2000 – Is death the end?

What you remember of movie isn’t necessarily always what you impression of them are when you re-watch them. I remembered this as a gruesome movie with lots of innovative deaths.  The story itself revolves around just that – death. We have a few teenagers on a flight to Paris when one of them has a premonition. He sees in a vision that the plane is gonna crash and tries to get every one of the...