Final Destination 3 – 2006 – some more death…

Final destination 3I still like the franchise up to this point. It is, however, starting to becoming tiresome to see the same movie over and over again. Of course I realize that many sequels repeat the concept over and over again. But in this case it’s so… final! Final Destination 3 explores another lethal accident. Or should we say near lethal since a few of the participants of the rollercoaster survives. Like before it’s because of a premonition.

There is almost no connection to the first two films. I don’t even think Tony Todd is in this one. I can’t even remember. It’s not important anyway. Of course, his character gives the franchise meaning but he has had a very small part in the first two.

Final Destination 3 is filled with some clever and not som clever deaths. You have come to get used to the way things happen so there’s really no surprises anymore. Still, I would say that if you liked the first two parts you will also like Final Destination 3. It’s more of the same thing without getting any closer to the cause of why it’s happening. Who cares anyway? We want som entertainment for an hour and a half and that’s exactly what we get.

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