Final Destination 2 – 2003 – Ali Larter returns

Final destination 2It’s unusual, but I actually things that the sequel Final Destination 2 is slightly better than the original. The death scenes are more imaginative. Not much but a little. I also like that a cast member of the first movies is included again. In this films universe she has been around once before and have some of the answers. The concept is the same as in the first movie. Here we have a massive accident in traffic instead of and airplane but apart from that there’s no real different. The investigators of the accident still don’t have a clue why the main character had a premonition. I’m not even sure that they understand what a premonition are.

But that’s in the nature of these films. We as an audience think it’s fairly simple but none of the authority representatives have a clue. If you think about it this is rather common. And we watch that and can hardly keep to ourselves how stupid they are. If we’re at a theatre we want to shout it out. If we’re at home we need to share this with whomever we’re watching the movie with. I think that’s in our human nature, at least it is in mine.

As I said Ali Larter return in this one and we first encounter her as a survivor from the first adventure. She is kept in a psychiatric ward voluntarily. No sharp object, shoelaces, food or anything else that could possible harm her in her padded cell are allowed when she’s visited. She doesn’t really want to participate in the new adventure since she already cheated death once. That’s her point of view anyway. But eventually she comes out of hiding and spreads her “wisdom” over the events.

I think Final Destination 2 is slightly better than its predecessor. Not much but a worthy sequel no doubt about it! There are a bit more clues in this one. Once the events starts to get going the death can take place in a couple of different ways. I didn’t really feel that in the original movie.

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