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Slaughter Hotel 0

Slaughter Hotel aka Asylum Erotica – 1971

Slaughter Hotel is also known as Asylum Erotica which might be a better title. There are some murders or slaughter of people going on here but it’s not the main thing about the movie. Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. Slaughter Hotel is about the women in front of the camera. We get plenty of opportunities to enjoy their bodies and their sexuality. To say that there are sleazy moments in this...

Spasmo 0

Spasmo – 1974 – Umberto Lenzi

I have a confession to make. There are so many films directed by Umberto Lenzi that I haven’t seen or even heard of before. Spasmo is one of those I’ve heard about but never realized that Lenzi Directed. Once I learned how it was it was immediately much more interesting to watch. I consider it to be a part of my autodidact education. A film that needed to be in the frame of reference if...

Blood stained butterfly 0

The Bloodstained Butterfly – 1971 – an atypical giallo

I haven’t watched any gialli lately. In fact, it was quite some years ago since I last was interested in these italian thrillers. But since I was giving Arrow Video a new chance (it’s a long story) I ordered The Bloodstained Butterfly without knowing the first thing about it. Except that the title was great and that it was some kind of giallo. It wasn’t what I expected though. The Bloodstained Butterfly is a little...