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Perfect – Short by Jeremiah Kipp

Once again it’s time to write about a short film directed by Jeremiah Kipp. I don’t know how many I have written about by now but it’s been a few over the years. They all have in common that they are very good. They may not be Perfect (pardon the pun) but they all hold a very very high standard. Perfect is no exception to this rule. The acting is really good even it there...

Theresa & Allison 0

Theresa + Allison – 2018

I have seen a few short films from Jeremiah Kipp prior to this. He certainly has a talent for creating beautiful films. Theresa + Allison is no exception to this. Beautiful films and vampirism are kinda synonymous as well so I’m not that surprised. We get to follow a fresh vampire and the story is told in fragments and not linear either. I like that. Something happens that calls for a flashback and we get...