Theresa + Allison – 2018

Theresa & AllisonI have seen a few short films from Jeremiah Kipp prior to this. He certainly has a talent for creating beautiful films. Theresa + Allison is no exception to this. Beautiful films and vampirism are kinda synonymous as well so I’m not that surprised. We get to follow a fresh vampire and the story is told in fragments and not linear either. I like that. Something happens that calls for a flashback and we get some info. Then it continues in the “real time” for a while and we get other parts of the story. If you expect glimmering vampires you’ll be disappointed. The blood and gore are prominent during the entire film.

It never goes over the line though. The blood and the gore stay on the spare side of the scale. it’s no splatter movie by any means. It’s romantic and bloody and sexual. Some of the vampire mythology is recognized from history while others seem to be created for this movie. I like it when you don’t take everything already established and use it without making something your own. So…not all vampire movies turns vampires to bats, make them allergic to garlic and crosses. No, I won’t tell you how Theresa + Allison differs from the rest in this department.

I would’ve liked the pacing to be faster though. Theresa & Allison is a little to slow for my taste. Not that I don’t enjoy a very slow told film with lots of tension in it. But that’s just it. Theresa + Allison is slow and without the tension needed to make it interesting. This is no nail-biter. It’s beautiful and different but not that exciting I’m afraid.

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